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Partner with us on secured investments to enhance your lifestyle. First mortgage secured investments. Steady, transparent, and flexible.

Current Rates

Minimum $10,000* investment from 7.50% p.a.*

*Subject to change and availability

How our investments work

  • We work with a network of mortgage advisers across New Zealand to find people looking for property lending.
  • If a borrower’s application meets all our checks and balances, we lend them our own funds before offering to investors.
  • Our registered investors are invited to invest in all or part of these loans, via our online portal.
  • Our loans are secured by a first mortgage with monthly interest payments and no ongoing fee deduction apart from tax.
  • Loans are fully managed on investors behalf by SCP.
  • Each investor is allocated an On-Call account earning 3.50% p.a.* (please view our FAQ page for details, *rate subject to change)
  • Southern Cross Partners Ltd is licensed to provide peer-to-peer lending services under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Click here to view our licence

Speak to one of our investment team about our peer-to-peer investments

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Manager, Investments
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Ross Latham

Manager, Investments
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Heather Kentsley

Investment Manager
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We’ve been doing this for more than 25 years

As a specialist lender, we pick up where the banks give up. We offer short term, customised lending solutions to help secure better opportunities for Kiwis and get them from A to B.

There are no impersonal algorithms here. Instead, we put faces to numbers and people at the heart of everything we do. Being 100% independent also means we have the freedom to work in the best way for us and our clients – together.

We take time to get to know the people we’re lending to and understand individual circumstances. We work with a small group of financial advisers and most of our loan applications come through advisers we’ve worked with before.

When a loan application passes our internal approval processes, Southern Cross Partners gives the property owner the funds. After that, we put it up on our Investor Portal for investment.

It’s this cycle of finding good quality loans and offering them to investors that keeps our business in balance.

What we look for in each loan application before placing them on the Investor Portal:

A clear exit

How a person is going exit their loan with us, at a set time

Type of security
The property offered as security for the loan

Loan to value ratio
The difference between the loan amount and the borrower’s equity in the property

What we use as security

All of our loans offered to investors are secured by registered first mortgages.

All mortgages are provided to our Trust Company – Loan Investment Trustees Limited – with these mortgages held on behalf of each and every investor in those particular loans. These mortgages can not be used for any other purpose or for the benefit of any investor not participating in that particular loan.

All securities and documentation is prepared and checked by our legal team, and are executed by the borrowers, in conjunction with their own solicitor A sample of the document associated with this type of security can be viewed here.

The value of a security can be ascertained by any, or a combination of the following;

  • Valuation from a registered valuer
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement
  • Capital or Rateable Value

For some loan applications Southern Cross Partners may obtain the following documents or reports if required:

  • LIM Report
  • Pre-purchase Report
  • Building Report
  • Water-tightness Report
  • Structural Assessment
  • Physical Site Visit

How we deal with default loans

We have a robust system for dealing with defaulting clients, which starts with gentle reminders and then, if necessary, escalates. We are always willing to try and work through issues with borrowers. Click here to be taken to our Default Rates page.

How you get your money back

As we are a short-term specialist funder, and all loan applications include an exit strategy for borrowers to repay the mortgage. These exit strategies can be either the sale of the security property, funds from other sources, or sale of other property not related to the loan.

Investors get their money back once a loan they have invested in repays. To know about what happens if a borrower is in default and the loan is not repaid in full click here.

Why invest with us?

We have a track record of more than 25 years’ experience and credibility, our investments are backed by a tangible security – property. A flexible investment option that is transparent and steady, delivering enhanced financial returns monthly.
Click here to view our P2P licence

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