Construction and
Development Lending

Our range of construction and building loans are specifically designed to support getting projects off the ground and on a pathway to completion.

Construction lending starting from 11.49% p.a.

As a specialist lender with a long history in construction loans, we’re used to handling new builds. Here’s how we approach construction loans:

  • Progress payments – We fund construction with progress payments, according to an agreed schedule. This ranges from funds when the pad goes down through to when the code of compliance is issued.
  • Our money first – As with all our loans, Southern Cross Partners funds all loans with our own capital. So, borrowers are assured the funds as soon as they hit construction milestones.
  • Eyes on the ground – Our team visits construction sites to keep an eye on construction milestones, so we have funds ready as soon as they’re needed.
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Hend Salam

Property Finance     Manager
Property Finance Manager
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021 447 926

Nick Miller

Property Finance     Manager
Property Finance Manager
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021 757 649

Michael Trecsh

Regional Lending Manager, Wellington
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Simon Maule

Property Finance Manager, Canterbury
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Every development is different, so we never take anything for granted. We actively work with developers and their financial advisers to figure out what’s best for everyone and how we can structure the best deal.

Nick Miller

Business Development Manager


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