Southern Cross Partners offers a wholesale investment program with rates around 9.50% p.a.* for investors that qualify.

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What is a Wholesale Investment?

Southern Cross Partners provides mortgage lending under the regulations that govern peer-to-peer lending in New Zealand. These regulations restrict the amount that can be borrowed by any entity to $2M in any 12-month period.

As part of our normal business activity, we are often presented with lending opportunities more than $2M and under current legislation we have been unable to fund these through the peer-to-peer platform.

These loans are provided via our sister company Southern Cross Finance Limited to investors outside of the peer-to-peer framework, and only available to those who qualify as wholesale investors.

Typically, loans offered in this manner will be larger loans (requiring a larger investment) and they will generally have more complex securities attached to them, as opposed to a simple residential property.

Because the sums are larger and the securities more complex, we can offer a higher interest rate to our wholesale investors, typically around 9.50% p.a. (*subject to availability).

How do I know if I am a Wholesale Investor?

There will be three main ways you can qualify as a wholesale investor:

Note: Qualifications one and two must be met on the last business day on each of the two past financial years, and every individual investment for qualification three made must be a minimum of $750,000 per loan.

If you meet any of these criteria, you are likely to be accepted as a wholesale investor (note there are other ways to qualify that may apply to you).

Have at least $5M in net assets
or business turnover, 
under your control, or

Have at least $1M invested 
in a similar investment
ie a type of Contributory Mortgage or Peer-to-Peer Investment

Invest a minimum of $750,000 
into a single investment

What to do if I want to proceed?

Firstly, you must register as an investor with Southern Cross Partners. Click here to find out more about our registration process.


To apply to be a wholesale investor you must complete and supply the Wholesaler Investor application form opposite.
Email your application form to [email protected]

Wholesaler Investor application form

Important Information

  • Wholesale investment opportunities are provided by Southern Cross Finance Limited, a sister company to Southern Cross Partners Limited.
  • All loans are sourced by the same people.
  • All loans continue to be managed in the same manner as our peer-to-peer investments.
  • Southern Cross Finance Limited is subject to external auditing and FMA reporting.
  • We can offer up to $2M of any opportunity to our retail investors (via the peer-to-peer platform), with the balance being made available to wholesale investors, if we elect to. If this does occur, the minimum investment sum and the interest rate offered to wholesale investors are likely to be greater. You are free to elect to invest through both avenues if you wish.
  • Available wholesale investments are published on the SCP Investor Portal.
  • Only those registered as wholesale investors can view the available wholesale investments on the Investor Portal.
  • Wholesale investments may not be available as regularly as retail investments. They will appear on the portal on an when available. At times, upcoming deals may be emailed to wholesale investors to obtain expressions of interest before a loan is available.
  • The secondary market process (exiting an investment by on selling to another investor) is operated via the Sell Investment function on the Investor Portal to be made available to other wholesale investors.
  • Most of the loans on offer will have a development, construction, or subdivision aspect to them. Therefore, the maturity date will remain fluid, and the loan may be extended if it’s the best strategy to have the loan repaid.
  • All loans continue to be managed fully by Southern Cross Partners.
  • An updated wholesale investor certificate is required to be completed and resigned by each investor every two years.
  • Information that would identify the borrower or exact street address for a wholesale investment opportunity is not provided.
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