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Applying to become an investor does not obligate you to invest but does give you access to our latest investment opportunities.

How to apply for investment opportunities

Download and complete the appropriate application forms
Collect and complete the appropriate ID and address verification documents
Send us your application forms and documentation

Step 1: Application Forms

The first step when applying is to download and complete the appropriate application form.

When filling out your application, it’s helpful to have the below information on hand:

  • Your IRD numbers and requested tax status.
    While there are no ongoing monthly fees, we do calculate and submit resident withholding tax to Inland Revenue on your investments. For this you’ll also need to provide your tax number and tax rate.
  • Your bank account number.
    We’ll credit interest to this chosen account. Please also supply a deposit slip, or similar, with your completed application forms for verification.
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) information.
    We are required by law to obtain certain disclosures from our investors. This is fully covered within the application forms.

Step 2: ID and address verification

You can find our identification requirements in this documentation by clicking the link below. You can provide certified copies of ID and address verification or use Electronic Verification provided by ApplyID via text messaging to a smart phone. Click here to view video of how Apply ID works.

Step 3: Send us your application

Send your completed application form along with the verified documents directly to us at the following address:

Southern Cross Partners

PO Box 38-010, Howick,

Auckland 2145

Upon receiving your application, we will contact you to arrange your secure login details. From there, you will have access to our Investor Portal, where you can begin choosing your investments.

Speak to one of our investment team about our peer-to-peer investments

Simone Vincent

Manager, Investments
[email protected]
0800 00 58 43

Ross Latham

Manager, Investments
[email protected]
021 521 257

Heather Kentsley

Investment Manager
[email protected]
09 535 2239
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