Investment property purchase, equity release and refinance

Whether your client is looking to expand their investment portfolio, inject capital into their business by releasing equity or refinance an existing loan we can help.

Diving into the detail:

  • We lend on a maximum loan of $5 million.
  • We require a minimum 40% deposit or equity for the security property.
  • We offer a 3-24 month loan term for specialist investment loans.
  • A recent valuation, validated by an SCP panel valuer, is required on a case-by-case basis.
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Hend Salam

Business Development Manager,
Auckland & Upper North Island
Business Development Manager, Auckland & Upper North Island
[email protected]
021 447 926

Nick Miller

Property Finance     Manager, Auckland & Upper North Island
Property Finance Manager,
Auckland & Upper North Island
[email protected]
021 757 649

Michael Trecsh

Business Development Manager,
[email protected]
027 421 9263

Simon Maule

Business Development Manager,
[email protected]
021 447 595

We'll always take the time to get to know the people we're lending to and understand what their business situation is.  For us it's always about helping Kiwi's get in a better financial position.

Nick Miller

Property Finance Manager Auckland & Upper North Island

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