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Helping more New Zealanders achieve real financial freedom through secured investments and specialist lending
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Our Loans

Specialist lenders for your clients’ needs

Short term, flexible lending solutions.

Accessible solutions that enable people to achieve their goals.

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Our Investments

Secured investments for your lifestyle

Investment rates from 7.50% p.a*

Minimum Investment $10.000*

First mortgage-secured investments.
Steady, transparent and flexible.

*Subject to change and availability.

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We’re invested in positive outcomes

Giving people financial freedom is at the core of why we started Southern Cross Partners

We dedicated everything we had to Southern Cross Partners, founding the business more than two decades ago by lending our own funds and growing from there.

For us, it is all about ensuring the people we lend to and the people who invest with us end up in a better financial position as a result.

Barry and Julia Milward

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